Insulated concrete forms and compressed earth block are superior exterior wall construction systems to traditional stick frame.  They both have the advantage of being non-combustible, mold free, less conducive to insect infestation as cavity free construction, impervious to formosan termites and superior moisture migration performance.  They also create a cooling thermal anchor, saving energy in our hot humid climate.  Through the lens of longevity, these systems are both significantly stronger and far more durable than stick frame construction.

The house above, completed by Patrick Alexander Architect in Dallas in 2010, employs NEXCEM insulated concrete forms in constructing the exterior walls.  Please click through the chronological construction slideshow for an overview of this construction process.  In coastal areas subject to storm surge flooding, NEXCEM is a far superior choice to stick frame.

For an overview of compressed earth block construction, please visit AECT, a premier manufacturer of earth block compression machines located in San Antonio, Texas.